DeMarcus Cousins Gives Family A New Car + Takes 200 Kids Shopping

It’s been quite a week for Boogie! Last…

Sunday DeMarcus took part in the Kings bike and toy giveaway at Sleep Train Arena. DMC help donate and pass out 4,000 bikes in an event that was part of the King’s “Season of Doing Good” across the Sacramento region.

Monday, DeMarcus hosted his 4th Annual Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping spree for under-privileged kids at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento. 100 kids from the Oak Park, Del Paso Heights and South Sacramento communities were each given $200 to spend on Holiday presents for themselves, friends or family. The kids partnered with over 100 volunteers chaperoned as they spent a couple hours of Holiday shopping.

Upon completion of their shopping spree, the kids lined up to visit with Cousins, and show him what they bought with his generosity, and snap a picture with the Kings’ 6-foot-11 star.
“I grew up in these kids’ shoes – not as fortunate – I didn’t have the best Christmases,” Cousins told ABC10. “Me having my (celebrity) status, or whatever you want to call it, I’m just playing my part in giving back to the kids.”

Wednesday DMC teamed up with local sponsor Chase Chevrolet to give a family in need with a brand new car. While posing for a picture on the court with Slamson, the Kings’ mascot, DMC slowly drove the brand new 2016 Chevy Malibu donning a giant purple bow behind the family. He honked the horn, surprising the family with their new car, bringing Selena to tears.

DMC reached out to the Kings organization to select a family in need to donate a vehicle to. With a nomination from Graciela Garcia of the Washington Unified School District, they selected Maurice and Selena because of their remarkable story.

Maurice Williams and Selena Pina are raising their 3-year-old daughter Marina, in addition to Selena’s two younger twin sisters J’nay and J’nette Sims, who were twice abandoned – once by their biological mother, and then again by family friends who didn’t want them anymore. Malnourished and neglected, the twins, almost six-years-old at the time, were left at the front door of Maurice and Selena, who then contacted Child Protective Services for help.

They worked to try to get full custody of the J’nay and J’nette and raise them as their own, beginning an adoption process. In Oct. 2015, Maurice and Selena were granted full guardianship of the twins.

Thursday DeMarcus brought his Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree to his hometown of Mobile, Alabama. DMC gave 100 local students a $200 shopping spree at Target so they would have a Christmas to remember.

His mother, Monique Cousins, said that ever since DeMarcus was young, one of the things he liked most was giving.

“For him to become an adult and be able to give back, that was one of his dreams,” she said.

DeMarcus mother selected the 100 students and spread the $20,000 evenly between 5 public elementary schools: Ella Grant Elementary School, Brazier Elementary, Whitley Elementary School, Robins Elementary and Collins-Rhodes.

Ten-year-old Zykerious pushed a shopping cart intently through the store with his friends, wearing an Alabama hat and grinning.
Sitting in the seat of the basket was five onesies, pink and polka-dotted.

“They’re for my baby sister,” said Zykerious. “She’s adorable, she’s 8-months old.”

His friend Damauriyon got his mother a necklace. “She gets me a lot of stuff,” he said. “I think she’ll like this.”

The 100 kids found items with the help of counselors and Target employees, helping to make sure they stayed within the budget.

DeMarcus hopes this will be just the first of many more to come partnering up with Target in Mobile.

“This year I’m doing the Santa Cuz in Alabama as well. I’m trying to make it spread. Not just in the Sacramento area but try to make it a yearly event in other areas as well.”


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Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Mobile, AL


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Mobile, AL


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Mobile, AL


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Mobile, AL


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Mobile, AL


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Sacramento, CA (Luke Cheng)


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Sacramento, CA (Luke Cheng)


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Sacramento, CA (Luke Cheng)


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Sacramento, CA (Luke Cheng)


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Sacramento, CA (Luke Cheng)


Santa Cuz Holiday Shopping Spree in Sacramento, CA (Luke Cheng)